Collection: EARLY Cedofeita


'Here is always early to go away'
'One of the coolest places around town'

early means cedo, as in ahead of time, a fruit or a vegetable that apears before most others of its type. earlies are exactly these raw pioneers, punchy in flavour, marking  our life throughout the year, every year. This is EARLY motto and mission: to bring to the table the best ingredients, every season and let them speak for themselves from breakfast to lunch, from brunch to afternoon snacks and dinner.

Founded and imagined by the same two maverick siblings behind EARLYMADE Cedofeita, ROSA ET AL Townhouse in Porto and BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION hotelier services brand – PATRÍCIA SOUSA and EMANUEL DE SOUSA –, EARLY Cedofeita was inaugurated in 2018, rehabilitating the old bookstore CONTRASTE and infusing the old retro mahogany interiors with a collection of mix match vintage and new design pieces to create a contemporary world-class welcoming space form sunrise to sunset located at Rua dos Bragas, 374 – in the most trendy neighbourhood in Porto, Cedofeita. 

EARLY Cedofeita is part of BED & BRUNCH COLLECTION

'Veggie Feast!'